Fractal Visions NFT Marketplace Launch πŸš€


All of the collections within the Fractal Visions ecosystem will also be used for this native market place and the beta testing will consist of the NFT collections that we have released over the past year as a stress test before we start to introduce other artists and roll out our Dao integration with voting πŸ—³ throughout the future for artist curation approval from our community.


Our vision is to help educate people about Public Goods & Blockchain technology !

Let's hear your thoughts about our new product development.

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I read many of your documents including security, staking NFTs, delegation. Then, I read your mission as well. You always express your ideas clearly. I am thrilled to use the NFT marketplace.

Of course, you have been collaborated and are collaborating with talented artists including a musician whose NFTs (I especially think that music NFTs are extremely underrated nowadays) are available to mint on your mint website but increasing the variaty of artists with high quality works requires giving many opportunities for artists. First of all the administration and community should make artists feel that their arts are not a simple trading tokens but possess the same or similar characteristics of a painting table, classic book or an symphony. Other than that, at the end, they are also people who live in a real world and they need financial freedom to maintain their lives without thinking too much about daily problems so that they will be more concentrated to their beloved arts. This requires mainly a decent amount of creator fees. I think any creator fees less than %5 would not be appealing to many artists. Moreover, they may be gifted with NFTs of other artists on the platform or even a possible token of the platform in the future. Their ideas and proposals about the platform should be given importance as well.

The platform also needs an excellent UI, several themes should be available if it is possible. Possible bugs should be very minor and they should be solved too fast. If the platform can not meet the expectations of the user at the beginning, it may not get the enough hype, which is very important for many people in rapidly developing web3 industry.

It seems that your development plan is comprehensive and well thought out. The use of the Fractal Visions ecosystem for the native marketplace, as well as beta testing with previously released NFT collections, demonstrates a clear strategy for ensuring a robust and well-tested product. Additionally, the integration of a DAO for artist curation approval from the community is an innovative approach that aligns with the principles of decentralization and community involvement.

Your vision to educate people about Public Goods & Blockchain technology is also a commendable objective, as there is still much misinformation and misunderstanding around these concepts. By providing education and access to a marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology, you are helping to promote the adoption and understanding of these concepts.

Overall, it seems that your product development plan is well-aligned with the current trends in the blockchain and NFT market and has the potential to be a valuable addition to the ecosystem.

  • Thanks for the input on the Q & A forum. We will have a great plan laid out in detail soon and are currently establishing our foundation membership program. The importance of decentralized choice making and community participation via bounty, initiative, proposal, or grants is a big part of the way we will scale our marketplace with the voting becoming more of the main decision making process. Public Goods is going to be the main staple of Fractal Visions & we will do our best to provide enough information for the public to make this complex structure easy enough to understand prior to the public launch of the NFT market, off/on chain voting or any of the additional tooling for users or creators. In order to create an incredible user interface with our development team we have worked diligently over the past 4 months to improve key features which is really important when it comes to the discovery of an artist or the way that delegation is made with a governance token & overall UX

I am such a fan of your mission. Also have collected several NFT's. You have the most impressive artists working with you. Excited for more to come. πŸ‘ Congrats.

It is a great project that has promoted many art creators. I could really say that it is the best. I love all their work and the way they bring it to the community with something very valuable that they have and that many lack, which is the humility, that's why I will always follow you and really support you, you are the best congratulationsπŸ€™πŸ»πŸ‚πŸ„πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Well done team !

Well done team !

the NFTs are amazing and the team is very responsive

Since I joined Fractal Vision learned enormous amount of stuff. Can't wait for a NFT Marketplace Launch and beta testing.

I am looking forward to the start of beta testing of the native marketplace, as I am a long-time fan of this unique project and hold huge collection of Fractal Visions NFT

Well done team !