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It's a project I've been aware of late, but I'm still lucky to be a part of it. I will try to be with our artists until the end, as much as I can. I'm having a little trouble getting discord roles because I don't have a predisposition to discord. I don't know what is the simplest and easiest way to do this, because we have our current works and other projects we follow. That's why I'm a little behind

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I am very excited to see how Fractal Vision will impact the world of digital art in the future. I think the way they focus on NFTs, Web3, and Layer 2 technologies is novel. It is a turning point for any art world that they can use these technologies to create art of exceptional value. Also, I admire Fractal Vision's efforts to make all of this user-friendly experience accessible to more people. All of this will drive more innovation and growth in this area. Overall, I think Fractal Vision is a great example of how art and technology can come together to create something extraordinary. I can't wait to see how the digital art world will be affected by Fractal Vision on a wider scale.

Hello! It's wonderful to hear that you're excited to be a part of the Fractal Vision project and support the artists. Your enthusiasm and commitment will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the project.

As for your concern about Discord roles, don't worry: we all have to start somewhere and learn new platforms, and it can be a bit challenging at first. To make things easier, here are some simple steps to help you get started with Discord roles:

1- Familiarize yourself with the Discord interface and its features. You can find many tutorials and guides online that can help you navigate the platform more efficiently.

2- Communicate with the administrators and moderators of the project and let them know about your difficulties with Discord roles. They can help you understand the role management process and make sure you have the proper permissions.

3- Get involved with the community and participate in discussions. This will not only help you become more comfortable with Discord, but also build relationships with other members of the project who can offer you support and guidance.

I have tried to apply all these steps myself, and at this moment, although I do not have all the time I would like, I have achieved cruising speed, and I am already up to date on all the advances that are taking place. We are at the beginning of something much bigger in the development of the project.

Remember, it's completely normal to feel a bit behind when learning new tools or platforms. Just be patient and keep a positive attitude, and you'll have it down in no time. Your dedication to the project and its artists is already a fantastic asset, and as you become more familiar with Discord, you'll be able to contribute even more effectively. Good luck and enjoy your journey with the project!

You may just want to jump onboard with discord, it's really not a scary place!