Fractal Visions Platform Update


Here is a full update for our commitment & progress towards the development of our impact maker platform on Optimism.

This past month we participated in the Gitcoin GG18 fundraising round which is helping our development team to finish the process of onchain integration for users of the platform. We now await the quadratic funding announcement from Gitcoin to allocate to our UI/UX , Smart Contract, and Front End Design Team !

During this round of GG18 I had the pleasure of teaching all the other projects that participated in a 2 week long Gitcoin Radio event on X about the Optimism network & opportunities in the ecosystem for grant funding.

I was also able to educate the folks who help run Gitcoin, Grantees, and Donors more about Retroactive Public Goods Funding on Optimism then they may have known previously. Which is a huge success to align with another ecosystem that is a continuous conduit of funding for projects in web3.

Here you can check in the post below to see where our project has been given credit by the Latam community page CryptoConexión for help with information in the last cycle 15 submissions phase.

Gitcoin is where our original idea to build a self sustaining platform for other creators was born.

During this past round of Gitcoin we have made many changes in the way that we categorize projects and have implemented new genre’s such as ReFi (Regenerative Finance) & DeSci (Decentralized Science) to improve the value alignment of our platform with the regenerative movement that is currently underway in the web3 ecosystem.

Optimism has become the home of this platform that we are focusing on in order to reiterate the the ethos of public goods.

We will strive to become advocates of the Optimism network & continually donate directly to the RETROPGF.ETH address from a dozen different revenue streams coming from of personal art collections we have created in the past. Encouraging other creators to also use this same approach in order to continue growing the pie larger and larger for everyone to share.

Constant advocacy & education amongst others on social media is important to us as knowledge unlocks the power that everyone is constantly seeking to navigate their way throughout the space.

Despite our Builders Grant Application being denied 2 times now in Cycle 14 & Cycle 15 we are still committed to providing a safe environment for creators to connect with their audience.

Our commitment to the growth of the OP Stack runs deep as recipients of funding from the RPGF rewards from Round #2 we have used 60% of the $OP tokens to pay our developers in order to bring our vision to life that will assist other impact makers on their mission…!!!

We still have some tasks to accomplish before everything is onchain but we are very close after 10 months now of working with our team.

Any extra support is appreciated…!

Here is a 7 minute demo of the work that is in progress for our new platform…!

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