Fractal Visions Community Code


This forum is intended to be a resource for **NEW** members of the **Fractal Visions** ecosystem. Please feel free to ask questions here about the peer to peer format. **CODE OF CONDUCT** Members of the **FRACTAL VISIONS** discord server known the **FRACTAL TEAM** will coordinate with eachother in designated channels to answer other questions for the following users of our NFT marketplace. 1. **New NFT collectors.** 2. **New featured Artists.** 3. **Users asking for general information.** **DON'T POST SPAM OR UNNECESSARY QUESTIONS ON THIS FORUM** - **KEEP TOPICS & QUESTIONS RELEVANT TO FRACTAL VISIONS ECOSYSTEM** - **ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR POINTS IN THE [PEERANHA COMMUNITY](** - **USE IN DEPTH STRUCTURE WITH EACH QUESTION & ANSWER** ***We will remove any questions that lack structural integrity.***