How to Delegate $OP tokens


Fractal Visions is here to help provide education to the Web3 community about Retroactive PUBLIC GOODS Funding aka RPGF via Optimism Network !


Please read The Optimistic Vision

Our goal is to build an ecosystem that itterates the same type of ethos & technology ..!

Security & Education are our main focus.

Follow the steps in our documention on how to delegate your $OP tokens to Fractal Visions

CLICK HERE > STEP BY STEP - How to Delegate $OP tokens <


~ Step 1 ~

Search for " FRACTAL VISIONS " in the main search bar.

Enter the text " Fractal " address and CONNECT wallet.

~ Step 2 ~

Select as delegate.

You must click the red tab " Select as Delegate "

~ Step 3 ~

A transaction will appear to confirm your approval. That's it !!!

Remember you are not transferring the tokens from your wallet.

The VOTING POWER will depend on the amount of OP Delegated to YOU .

Delegating to Fractal Visions will appear in the CURRENT DELEGATE section.

Delegating to Fractal Visions increases our voting power for governance proposals.

You can re-delegate or delegate tokens to yourself at any given time.

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