How to Delegate $OP tokens


Fractal Visions is here to help provide education to the Web3 community about Retroactive [PUBLIC GOODS]( Funding aka RPGF via Optimism Network ! **IMPACT = PROFIT** Please read [The Optimistic Vision]( Our goal is to build an ecosystem that itterates the same type of ethos & technology ..! Security & Education are our main focus. Follow the steps in our documention on how to delegate your $OP tokens to **Fractal Visions** > CLICK HERE > [STEP BY STEP - How to Delegate $OP tokens]( < **DELEGATE SELECTION** **~ Step 1 ~** Search for " **FRACTAL VISIONS** " in the main search bar. Enter the text " **Fractal** " address and ****CONNECT**** wallet. **~ Step 2 ~** Select as delegate. You must click the red tab " **Select as Delegate** " **~ Step 3 ~** A transaction will appear to confirm your approval. That's it !!! Remember you are not transferring the tokens from your wallet. The **VOTING POWER** will depend on the amount of **OP** Delegated to **YOU** . Delegating to **Fractal Visions** will appear in the **CURRENT DELEGATE** section. **Delegating to Fractal Visions increases our voting power for governance proposals.** **You can re-delegate or delegate tokens to yourself at any given time.**

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